Kingston is simmilar to the swordswoman in many ways. The most noticible way is that they are bothe women and the only way “Fa Mu Lan” or her in her fantasty can get recognition for her accomplishments is to pretend to be a man.

Although Kingston never pretends to be a man she recognizes that even in America she faces even more roadblocks. She faces sexual discrimination from her own family and chinese culture, as well as racism and sexual discrimination from americans. What make her and the swordswoman so similar is that she is fighing for somethings as was the swordswoman.

Kingston could claim to be a woman warrior because of the everyday battles she faces as did the swordswoman. Except Kingston faces an even bigger battle, she wants to be aknowledged for her accomplishments but because she is a women this is difficult, she also wants to help  the people in China and end communism. Kingston is faced with an even bigger challenge than Fa Mu Lan was faced with because she is fighting for the Chiese-Americans as well as the Chinese back in china where as Fa Mu Lan was fighting for her family and Chinese peasants and the swordswoman was only faced with sexual discrimination and class difference, and Kingston must battle sexual discrimination, class difference, and racism.  “What we have in common are the words at our backs- And I have so many words-“Chink” and “gook” words too- that they do not fit my skin” (53), Kingston faces so many challenges, including similar ones that the swordswoman faced, that her tattoos of “revenge” cannot fit on her skine because she has so many.

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