Politics or Not?

November 29, 2010

Before reading  chapeters 7-14, I told my self to not be bias and to try and read the book as if it was written by Barack Obama and not President Obama or Senator Obama. And I found that this is impossible and he makes it very difficult.

“”I’d pronounce the need for change. Change in the White House-Change in Congress- Change in the mood of the country-Change won’t come from the top, I would say, Change will come from a mobilized grass roots”(133). This is how Obama makes it difficult. Lets look back at his 2008 presidential campaign, his slogan was “Change” and what does he discuss in his Chicago chapters “Change”. I then became totally convinced that this book was written to support Obama’s political agenda.

In Chapters 7-14¬† Obama focuses on portraying himself as a normal person that wants to just improve the community and is not in it for profit.” ‘Hey, didn’t I promise we were gonna make something happen?” (186). This quote is said after Obama is determined to draw community members to support programs being built in the poorer part of Chicago. This just seems so political, he shows that he made a promise and kept it unlike typical politicians and was “Changing” the community.

The only way the novel would not be portraying his political agenda in my opinion is if he never was a politician and just did community organizing as an author or writer. Because other wise there is always some political agenda, as he says in I believe chapter 8 or 9 when he is talking to Marty about a reverend Marty says its all politics, “he’s just a politician with a collar”. So if he was never Senator Obama or President Obama, I would have read this novel completely different and it would be about a young black man trying to better a community rather than a young black politician, starting his political career early. And I think that if he never was a politician I would enjoyed the novel much more rather than thinking, “Man, he bullshits very well”.

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