This is probably the hardest blog yet because I am forced to pick between 10 great stroies that influence each other, if I had the choice I would pick all of them but since I cant decide on just one I will pick two. The two stories that were my favorite were “Drown” and “How to date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl, or Halfie.”. These two stories were my favorite out of the ten and it was a hard decision.

I chose “Drown” because of the Junot Diaz, in my opinion, shows his style of writing the most in this story. Before reading it you would just think that it possibly could be about somebody drowning, but after reeading it you realize it is about somebody drowning but water is not the cause instead it is life and memories. Diaz in this story unveils that the narrator’s friend Beto molested him when they were young and although  the Narrator wants to make it seem as if the sexual assault had no affect on his life it is evident that it has. He indirrectly compares his life to the life of Beto’s , and mentions how Beto is in college and he is selling drugs trying to help his mother with the bills. He is drowning from the memories of his life as well as his present life, he is slowly dying and cannot breathe. I liked this story because not many male writers, or men in general would admit to being sexually assaulted by another man. And Diaz makes the similarities between him and his character that one could think he himself is the narrator.

“How to date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl, or Halfie”, once I read thje story it instantly became my one of my favorite stories out of the ten and is a reason I love the novel so much. One line in this story really stuck out to me and it was, “Tell her that you love her hair, that you love her skin, her lips, because, in truth, you love them more than you love your own”. This unveals the narrators insecurities which is what I love about Diaz he lays it on the table good or bad. But I loved this story because it shows the insecurities that many hispanics have that they dont always mention. And he expresses the truth in that each girl depending on the color of her skin or where shes from determines how you treat  her and how you portray yourself because you are self concious, and ashamed somewhat of your culture as is the narrator. The main thing that I realized is whether it is a “Browngirl, blackgirl, Whitegirl, or Halfie” the narrator is never himself thats the only common advise he is portraying in dating. And I love that he is willing to let the reader see that.

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  1.   beverly gross said:

    another wonderful entry. I found myself nodding enthusiastically over and over again.

  2.   Caitlin said:

    I really liked your post. Let’s be honest, there really aren’t a lot of male English majors, so to have the male perspective on a novel is very interesting. When you’re speaking about Junot Diaz’ Drown and stating that not many men would admit that they were molested it is interesting that by saying ‘not many men,’ yourself is included in that statement. If I said not many men it wouldn’t matter because that has absolutely nothing to do with me. I feel like although you didn’t mention yourself you wrote about the story with the emotion as if something horrible like that happened to you, you wouldn’t have the courage to write about it, which praises what Diaz did even more. I’m glad you loved the collection of short stories, I liked them too, however by this entry I can tell that you liked them so much, it made me like them even more.

  3.   LisaMarie Maher said:

    I really loved your entry. I also found Diaz’ admittance to sexual assault really surprising and, oddly enough, refreshing. I found it really brave for him to allow his narrator to be emasculated as well as confused over his feelings of Beto’s actions. The part about the book always haunts me.

    Great entry!

  4.   marie morello said:

    This is a good entry. I also agree that Diaz had his own style in writing the stories. For example, that he can be mad in one story and confuse in the next. Maybe by reading each story it gave some of his emotions. Nice job on this.

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