The relationship between Faulkner and Hemingway has been in my head since we finished “The sound and the Fury”, but then I started to read “Drown” and read the story “Aurora” and then I found one similarity between Diaz, Faulkner, and Hemingway. This one similarity was the infatuation or love for one particular women in each of the novels.

I will first talk about Brett. In”The Sun Also Rises”, Brett is constantly on another characters mind since the other characters are all men. Brett is the typical tease, she is loyal to no guy, and all her friends are guys probably because if she had female friends she would steal their boyfriends or husbands. Jake the narrator is in love with Brett but only shows his affection to her in private because he does not want to be like every other guy chasing Brett. Although every man wants Brett it is not clear to the reader why. All Brett does is tease and use, she breaks hearts all the time and even when Robert or Jake have another woman all they can think about is Brett. She comes off as an unattractive bitch to the reader but to every man in the story she is the best women they have ever met. She is promiscuous and not loyal so why would every man want her.

Next is Caddy, Caddy in the novel “The sound and the Fury” has three brothers all of which are obsessed with her in a kind of sick way. Like Brett, Caddy is promiscuous and is always on somebodies mind through out the story. Caddy is able to leave the Compson household and try to succeed but through a man’s success not her own which is very similar to Brett because they are both using men to survive. Caddy’s brothers are strangely obsessed¬† with her and her one brother Quentin is obsessed with her in a sexual way. Caddy like Brett is mentioned through out the novel and always on somebodies mind.

And lastly is Aurora. Aurora is a Heroin addict and the narrator is in “love” with her or what he thinks is love. Even though Aurora¬† hurts him over and over he still believes the words she whispers into his ear and he still believes that the time they spend together is real. The only time she sees him is when he has cigarettes to give her or when shes tired of getting high, he even catches her kissing his friend and drug dealing partner. So why is he so infatuated with her.

The same question is asked for each girl in each novel which is why are the other characters in the novel so obsessed with them. And I think I realized the answer, which is they want these women because they ccant have them, and they know that the women are not going to change their ways. Faulkner, Hemingway, and Diaz show the power of beautiful and desired women that are inescapable in each novel.

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