Style of Junot Diaz

November 11, 2010

Before I go right ahead and anwer the question for todays blog which was to describe Junot Diaz’ writing style and the voice of the narrator, I just want to say how much I fell in love which the novel. I want to thank Beverly for leaving the cannon and having us read this novel.

The reason I fell in love with this novel is because of Junot Diaz’ writing style, his writing style is simply “real”. He hides nothing he doesnt hide trhe characters faults or embarrissing moments, he lays it all out there for the reader to see and this puts us in  the story. One of the first things I noticed was in the first story titled “Ysrael”, in this story the narrator and his brother Rafa board a bus and go looking for the  town “freak”, but while on the bus the narrator is sexually abused by a grown man. This showed me that Junot Diaz hides nothing from the reader, because the young dominican narrator I assume is portrayal of himself, how many men would let people know that they were sexually abused by another man. Never does Junot Diaz hide the fact that his narrator, who seems to be him, does drugs, is scared of his own father and insecure.

Another thing about Junot Diaz is that he is some what ashamed of his culture and especially his physical characteristics compared to that of his lighter skined brother. This is another instance if his writing style which I desribe as “real” in that he doesn’t hide the feelings he had as a child and lets us see his faults and insecurities which draws me in and makes me love his brutally honest writing.

The narrator I suppose is supposed to be a some what fictionous version of him. I say some what ficti0nous because there are so many similarities betweeen him and the description of the narrator but yet the book is of fiction genre so I am not sure what is fiction or what is not but the similarities are there.

Once again I want to thank Professor Gross for having this novel as part of our assigned reading. I love Junot Diaz’ writing style and can some what relate to his life experiences and  insecurities as I was also once teased for having “african” type hair and being hispanic. And although we were only supposed to read the first for stories I skipped ahead and read “How to date a browngirl, blackgirl, whitegirl, or halfie” because the title caught my eye.

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