My life as a reader

August 31, 2010

                I didnt really start to enjoy reading until the second semester of college. in my second english college course at John Jay. Before this i veiwed reading as a chore and something i must do so then I can go to class, pretend that im interested, and try and show the professor that i did the reading. I guess this was before reading meant something to me, and because i veiwed it as a chore and something i must do but didnt want to, I gained nothing from reading. My english professor in my second semester of college introduced literature to me in a different way, she introduced it as an art form rather than mandatory reading. One of the books I read in her class was Malcom Gladwell’s “The Tipping POint”, this was the book that changed my life as a reader. This novel i could relate to, it was about recent issues in primarily urban locations, and what causes these issues. The amount of information i received from this book amazed me, because never has a novel caught my attention to the point where i rather read the novel then do other things I used to think were more enjoyable.

                 After reading “The Tipping point” Malcom Gladwell instantly became my first favorite author. My life as a reader had finally started,  and I was more into reading then i ever was before. I began to take every assigned novel and reading as something i wanted to do and was not forced to, I began to look beyond the text and actually gain information, and interpret works of literature differently. It is ironic that “The Tipping Point” was my tipping point into begining my life as a reader.

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